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Kangaroo Sports Club is inspired by the European International "Club" Model.  Athletes are invited or can join to play their favorite sports from Youth to Professional Level Programs.  Often these athletes join at a young age and have the potential to play in till they retire.  Our under 18 youth program is Kangaroo Academy, a Private School for students 6th grade through 12th grade.  Our Pro Level Basketball Team is the Georgia Kangaroos, proudly to represent DeKalb and Gwinnett County. The Kangaroo is tribute to the Augsburg, Germany Club BG TOPSTAR Leitershofen / Stadtbergen.    A global Kangaroo Family, let us hear you shout, "I AM ROO".  


Our slogan is Bounce With Us.  Our chant is I AM ROO.  As part of the Kangaroo Family, here is who and when you will hear our chant. 

  • Proud players practicing hard say, "I AM ROO".
  • Fans that come to cheer and support yell, "I AM ROO".
  • Supporters and Sponsors share with joy, "I AM ROO".
  • Our Community that drives our success shouts with pride, "I AM ROO"

ALSO watch for, see and follow our #hashtag - #IAMROO

Fans, ex-players, current players or if you never attended a sporting event, come and cheer for today's and tomorrow's superstars.  Our sporting events are great for family night, date night, hosting business events and fans of the game.

German Professional Team

Want to learn more about the TOPSTAR Kangaroos in Augsburg, Germany.  Click here to get information